Complaint Process

Follow the steps below if you have an issue that arises. Issues include, but are not limited to, disciplinary actions not covered by the Ethics Policy or denial of eligibility or recertification. If you have an ethics complaint about a credentialed person, or would like a copy of the complaints appeal process called the Ethics Complaints Procedures, click here.

    1. First, make every effort to resolve any problems with a staff member if an issue has arisen.
    2. Second, if you believe the staff person you have been working with was unable to assist you to your satisfaction, ask to speak with a supervisor.
    3. Third, if a supervisor was unable to assist you to your satisfaction, you can fill out the complaint form below to escalate your issue to management.
    4. Fourth, to appeal the decision made by management, you must submit a written request for an appeal to the CCAPP Credentialing office within thirty (30) days from the decision date. Upon receipt of an appeal request, the CCAPP Credentialing Chair and the CEO shall review the decision by management.

When hearing the appeal, the Credentialing Chair and CEO may take any of the following actions:

    1. Uphold the decision of the management’s decision;
    2. Rule that the management’s decision is valid, yet impose a lesser/greater form of censure;
    3. Overrule the management’s decision.

If denied registration/certification, denied registration/certification renewal, or individuals whose certification was suspended or revoked, shall be ratified by the CCAPP Credentialing Board.

Complaint Form
Please use the same email address as your Certemy account, if applicable.