Annual Awards

CCAPP Annual Awards are held each year at the membership meeting. The annual membership meeting is held during the California Addiction Conference. Registration to the conference is not needed to attend the meeting. 

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Award Details

Visionary Award

The Visionary Award pays tribute to individuals who show vision and leadership in advancing innovation, differentiation, and growth. These leaders inspire and invent. They are trailblazers who disregard negativity and strive to affect change. They think of new ideas and bring them to life. The award recognizes individuals and leaders who give, advocate, and volunteer wherever positive change can be made. Traditionally this award will honor an individual who provides encouragement and motivation to others to take leadership roles in substance use disorder programs, non-profits, or community organizations.

Above and Beyond Award

This award is presented to a program to celebrate exceptional leadership in substance use disorder treatment. Nominees will be representative of programs that produce innovative solutions and demonstrate meaningful progress toward the advancement of substance use disorder treatment. The program/provider must be a community based, for-profit or non-profit organization and be a current member of CCAPP.

VIP Award

Very Important Professional Award-The nominee must be a past or current member in good standing. This award is given annually to an alcohol and/or drug counselor at our annual conference. The candidate must have been a counselor who has served as a model for others and influenced both clients and peers. They have made a contribution both as a leader in the field of alcohol and drug counseling, and to the growth of the Association. The VIP Award is presented for distinguished service, achievements, and contributions to the prestige and growth of CCAPP. He/she must be a current member of CCAPP and certified by the CCAPP Board.

Spotlight Award

This award is presented to a school or education provider by the CAPPP Education Institute. The nominee must be a current approved school, in good standing, with CCAPP. This school has made an outstanding contribution to substance use disorder counselor education and/or continuing education.

Shining Star Award

Administrator/Executive Award: The nominee must be a current member, in good standing, of CCAPP. This award is in recognition of individuals who are CEOs, district managers, program directors, and program managers who have shown exemplary leadership; have met significant goals; or have served tirelessly to meet a company’s initiatives. These individuals have displayed amazing leadership skills and provided guidance for their teams in the AOD profession.

The nominations are closed at this time. Keep watch for announcements for the next nomination period.